Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photo Plus Expo NYC with Chase Jarvis & Guests

Thought I would share this video of Chase Jarvis discussing the Social Art of Photography with a few of the top folks in the industry. Each and every person on the stage expresses their own way of creating and sharing art with the world. It does run around an hour but it is worth the watch. Each and everyone of these professionals are worth checking out. They are all very impressive in the worlds they artistically construct.

Chase Jarvis (www.chasejarvis.com)
Zack Arias (www.zarias.com)
Vincent Laforet (laforetvisuals.com)
Jasmine Star (jasmine-star.com)
Rob Haggart (APhotoEditor.com)
Joey Lawrence (joeyl.com)

Lawyer Headshots & Group Photo Shoot

Photographed some headshots and a few group photos for Sullivan, Ballog & Williams which is a law firm based out of Santa Ana, CA. The firm is in the process of having a website put together by eJustice and I look forward to seeing the finished product. eJustice specializes in internet marketing, website development, traditional marketing & much more. As soon as they finish up the website I will post a link.
Special thanks to Chris Brown from eJustice and Jayvee from Sullivan, Ballog & Williams for all their help on this project.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Marlboro Marine - by Luis Sinco

This video and link was sent to me months ago by my Dad and I thought I would share. I've watched this video numerous times and I am truly moved and inspired every time I watch it. Luis Sinco, is a photo photojournalists for the Los Angeles Times and is also a genuine human being who cares.

To those who serve in the armed forces, what is the aftereffect of war? The Marlboro Marine is photographer Luis Sinco's portrait of Marine Corporal James Blake Miller, whom he met in Iraq. For Miller, coming home has been its own bitter battle. See the project here.

This video is provided by MediaStorm which is a multimedia production studio. Check out their site for plenty of other cinematic narratives and more information. There are a handful of other videos that are very well done, but, The Marlboro Marine stands out to me.

Oceanside Pier Portraits with Mich & Wandah

Met up with Mich and Wandah the other day to take some photos of them down by the pier in Oceanside, CA. I was introduced to Mich by a friend of mine that trains with Mich at his Martial Arts School & Dojo in Vista, CA. Might be helping Mich take some photos for his website he is going to launch which I will keep you posted on. Wandah, Mich and I met up just before sundown and the weather was just perfect for taking some beach photos. Below are a few of the images taken on the shoot for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BlueBloodRed - CD Photography - "Filling the Void"

Photographed BlueBloodRed the other day for their debut album "Fill the Void". The band is expecting to release the CD in the next month once everything is finalized. Currently the music is being mixed by Ryan Greene who is a icon in the music industry. Ryan Greene has produced a multitude of punk & rock bands such as Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon, Strungout, etc. Basically this guy is the man and they definitely have their music in the right hands to get the right sound. Click "here" for a little more information on Ryan Greene and his extensive background.
Spent several hours with the band photographing them where they practice which is what they wanted. I had a few ideas in mind before the shoot and they were pretty easy going and open minded so we just went with the flow. Overall I think the shoot turned out great and we ended up with quite a few images to work with. The end result for the images will be for the CD artwork and advertising themselves.
Below are some of the images that I like and I have messed around with. The next hard part is for the band to pick out from a numerous amount of images the final winners that will go on the CD layout.
Special thanks to BlueBloodRed for having me be a part of your project.
As soon as the CD is officially released I will post a link to where it can be listened to and purchased.

Photoshopping Pups

Asked a few friends of mine with dogs to pose for some images so I could try out a couple lighting set ups. Also wanted to just get out and shoot and add a few images with dogs in them to my portfolio. Below are a couple of the images I thought I would share from two of the shoots. The first image was actually shot in my driveway and I superimposed the subjects onto another backdrop. The overall goal for this image was to try out a drop shadow technique and layer one image over another. I'm far from being a Photoshop expert, but, practice makes perfect you could say. For the second image I just wanted to try a few new recipes using Totally Rad Actions.
For more information on actions click on the link above or search the internet for Photoshop Actions.
Thanks again to everyone involved and hope you dig your images.