Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vedenoff Wedding Preview - The Golf Club of California

Photographed the Vedenoff wedding this past Saturday at the Golf Club of California in Fallbrook, CA. As soon as I polish up all their final images I will share a few from their special day.

Joe Hamilton Photography_Golf Club of California Wedding

Torok Wedding Preview - Cabrillo Monument, Point Loma, CA

Photographed the Torok wedding this past Friday at the Cabrillo Monument in Point Loma, CA. I've lived in San Diego since 1987 and I have never been to the Monument before, but I must say it is quite impressive. I will definitely be making another trip back there in the near future. For those who have not made a trip out there I would highly recommend it.
Images are in the editing process and I thought I would put up a favorite from the day. I will put up some more once I have finished touching them up.

Joe Hamilton Photography

Chagala Wedding Preview - Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club

Photographed the Chagala wedding on May 21st at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club and wanted to share a quick preview image. Almost finished with their images and thought I would slap one up here as teaser. Stay tuned for the photo booth images, they are quite classic.

Joe Hamilton Photography_Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club Wedding

Baby Olivia - Preview - Newborn Photography

Photographed Art & Sarita, the proud new parents of beautiful Olivia who was born roughly a month ago. Both Mom & Dad came to the table with their own ideas they wanted to incorporate into the shoot. Mom likes to cook, so she wanted to put baby Olivia into a old-school baking mixer which was pretty cute. And Art is a DJ and wanted to use his turntable & headphones which was absolutely awesome. I truly love folks that throw ideas my way and we all creatively come up with the final outcome. When clients give just a little input on what they are looking for they love the photos that much more once they get all the final images.
Below is a preview of the one of the images before I finish the rest of the images.
I wonder if Olivia liked being a DJ for the day?

Joe Hamilton Photography

Torrey Pines State Beach Family Portraits

Met up with Liza and her little ones at Torrey Pines State Beach for some fun family portraits. We started off up on the cliffs overlooking the water before heading down to the beach to finish off the shoot. We ended up with a nice array of portraits & candids and below are a few of my favorites from the session.

Joe Hamilton Photography_001

Joe Hamilton Photography_002

Joe Hamilton Photography_003

Joe Hamilton Photography_004

Joe Hamilton Photography_005

Joe Hamilton Photography_006