Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Dina's Swimming Lesson - Noonan Family Swim School

Michele and I met up with our niece Dina for her swimming lesson at the Noonan Family Swim School in 4S Ranch. Dina's Dad & Mom (Brian & Damaris) were also there along with baby Dina's Grandma Dina.
Must say it was very cool to watch baby Dina in the water with her father learning the basics of swimming. The group they were in consisted of about 6 babies accompanied by there Mom or Dad in the water with them. A few of the babies along with baby Dina had quite the personalities just being in the water. Some really liked it while others were wondering what was going on, very cute to watch.
Never to young to start your little ones off in swimming lessons, especially living in southern California. For more information on the Noonan Family Swim School check out their website.

Sparks Family Photo Shoot

Did a family photo shoot down in Mission Bay with the Sparks family the other day. The weather was great and little Jackson (2 year old) was more than ready to take some photos.
The Sparks family rented out a beach house and did family photos last year and decided it was so much fun they would do it again this year. We set up a few family portrait style poses and the rest of the images were just of the family having fun on the beach doing their thing.
I'm in the process of putting together a little slideshow with more images from the shoot to a song of their choice. As soon as I have it finished up I will post it up on the blog.
Thanks again Sparks family for thinking of me again this year, it is very appreciated.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good times & Good food

Had a little family get together for some good times & good food with Michele's family. Must say Michele was just the little house wife this weekend with all the sewing & cooking, I just had to document all of it. I even grabbed one of her Grandma's aprons just to add the complete look for some photos. Michele made a great apple cake topped with some vanilla ice-cream. (Wouldn't mind some right about now....)
We had a belated birthday party for another family member and we went all out for him. Not a single birthday candle in the whole house so we got creative and just used a decorative candle, it got the point across...
Baby Dina of course stole the show with her new clothes and new Vans shoes from her Uncle Eddie. Baby Dina decided to take a nap on her Grandma's lap, but, knew the exact time to wake up for the cake to be served. After a little cake I had to get a few images of her with her hat on before she had to take off. Thought I would share a few images of hanging out today.
All in all had a really good weekend and looking forward to the week ahead.

Michele's 1st Purse!

This is a follow up post to a sewing lesson with Michele's Grandma Barros on creating a purse from scratch. Saturday was Michele's official day to knock one of these purses out herself. I am extremely proud of Michele for following through with her goal and busting out a purse all by herself and with just a little help from Grandma. Michele was extremely focused on the task at hand and Grandma got a kick out of from time to time.
In my honest opinion, this is how special memories are created. Memories are created from doing the most simplistic things with loved ones. While you are in the moment you may not even realize how special the moment really is until days or even years have gone by.
A simple hug or a sewing lesson can go a long way...

Love you Michele & Grandma Barros

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cresa Partners Head Shots - San Diego Office

Just finished doing some headshots for CresaPartners in their San Diego office. Cresa has been a consistent client of Joe Hamilton Photography ever since I went full time and I would to sincerely thank them for that. Extra special thanks to Natalie & Russ from Cresa Partners for all their help and support the past few years.

For those who are not familiar with CresaPartners they are a international corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants and specializes in the delivery of fully integrated real estate services, including: Transaction Management, Project Management, Relocation Planning and Management, Strategic Planning, Workforce & Location Planning, Subleases and Dispositions, Lease Administration, Capital Markets, and Facilities Management. With more than 50 North American offices, CresaPartners is the largest pure tenant representation firm in the U.S. and Canada. Through a partnership with BNP Paribas, CresaPartners is a member of one of the leading real estate organizations in the world, covering 35 countries.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kirstin & Todd's Wedding Slide Show

Assembled a little slide show for Kirstin & Todd of their wedding images to two songs. Trying to pick 40-50 images out of 1,000+ and try and tell a story is a hard task. Of course I always end up picking way to many images and I always want to incorporate them all. My process usually starts off with just one song, but, if I really can't delete an image from the slide show I just add another song.
The second song I wanted to add as many images as could to the movement of the song to tell an overall story of the entire day.
All my slide shows are put together using ProShow Gold which is a very user friendly slide show software.


Todd & Kirstin's Wedding 7.31.2010

Just finished up Todd & Kirstin's wedding photos & slide show and I would like to share a few images of their special day. Todd & Kirstin got married at the Orfila Winery in Escondido, CA which was an awesome location & venue. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the whole day just turned out perfect.
Special thanks to Kirstin & Todd for deciding to book me for their engagement & wedding photography.
A soon as their slideshow is finished uploading I will put up a link.