Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to Budd Street

Headed back to Budd Street down in Linda Vista to capture another image of the finished house. After a few extra details had been touched up on the house they requested another image to be taken. Took a few quick extra interior shots while there, but, spent some time on the exterior. Set up a couple lights bare bulb to camera left & right and managed to get a good shot. There was a blue Toyota Hybrid conveniently parked right in front of the house, so, I had to get in real nice and tight. Pulled my van right up along side the other car, a few feet in front. Graciously got on the roof of the van and captured this image. Got a few looks from cars driving by, but, whatever it takes to get the shot I suppose.

Kim & Alan - Slide Show - San Francisco, CA

Follow up post to the San Francisco trip I took earlier this month. Just wanted to share the slide show put together to a song of Kim's choice. Assembled their portraits along with images of San Francisco to give them some good memories to look back on in years to come. Really looking forward to photographing their wedding in Winnipeg, Canada later this year.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Becky's Maternity Photos

Took some maternity photos of my sister-in-law Becky before the big day arrives. Jeff & Becky are expecting a baby girl and they have the name Hunter picked out for her. They have bay Hunter's room all set and ready to go for when she comes home. I hadn't been over to their in a few weeks and they did an awesome job of transforming their spare bedroom into a baby's paradise. I'm pretty sure Jeff & Becky are quite ready to become parents and I think they are going to do a great job. Below are a few images from our photo session.

Danyelle & Dominic - Prom 2010

Photographed Danyelle & Dominic the other day for their High School Prom pictures. They did not want the typical Prom posed pictures and gave me a call to help them out. Went over to Danyelle's house prior to their departure and set up a couple lights in the backyard and popped off a few images when they were both ready. I originally started off with a black backdrop to really accent their blues, but, the wind decided to play some games which was really fun. Decided to just throw up a white bed sheet and scrap the black backdrop. Ironed out all the wrinkles and evened out the whites in Photo Shop. They both looked great and hoped they had fun. Below are a few images I picked out to slap on the blog.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Makena's 4th Birthday

One of my niece's had her 4th birthday party at a local park with the theme of ladybugs and invited all her friends. 1,500 ladybugs were released and all the little ones had pink or blue nets to "try" and catch the flying ladybugs. Some of the kids laughed and some cried, but, it was all good fun with the bugs. All the kids were given magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the ladybugs. My youngest niece Madison just loved the ladybugs and could not get enough of them.
Looking forward to many more birthdays with the nieces.

10th Annual Seedless Party

Headed to downtown San Diego to photograph an event for a friend at the House of Blues. There was a nice pre-party at the hotel connected to the House of Blues, really cool place from top to bottom. My friend had a plush penthouse sweet with all the bells and whistles and some good "snacks" & beverages. The beer provided was "the Lost Abbey", a local beer from San Marcos which was quite tasty. Sad news and long story short once we arrived to the event there was a major miscommunication and a no go on the photo pass. Had a ticket to see the show, but, decided to pack up the gear and call it a night, had a really early wake up call the next day anyways.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

3645 Budd Street

My oldest brother James just finished up a property he has been working on for the past few months. My youngest brother Jordan and I helped out from time to time to help out the older brother and make an extra few bucks. I actually really enjoy working with my hands and brothers, it is also a nice change of pace. It was really cool to see this old run down house have a complete makeover from head to toe. The house was put on the market as of yesterday and is being listed by my sister-in-law Tida. If you or someone you may know might be interested please forward this info along.

Tida Hamilton
Hamilton Properties
(858) 864-7335

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Samuel Mendez Barros Funeral - A Life Remembered

With permission from the family I took a few photographs at Michele's Grandfather's funeral on Tuesday 4.13.2010. Not many words are needed to describe these images. My deepest condolences to Grandma Barros and the rest of the family.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alan & Kim - San Francisco, CA

Spent a day photographing Kim & Alan up in San Francisco, CA. They were a really cool couple to work with and we got some really good images throughout San Francisco. We started out the day at Alamo Square which over looks the city landscape. Great place to shoot, but, a lot of people that want the same exact shot. Just need a little patience.. Next we were off to Golden Gate Park where we decided to take a stroll to check out the beautiful scenery. The Park was absolutely enormous and you could spend a whole day there photographing, but, we had to move on to capture more. Lunch first though... We headed down to the water a had a great lunch at The Beach Chalet. The fish & chips were quite tasty I must say!
With new energy we headed off to Golden Gate Bridge to get a few more images before calling it a day.
Really looking forward to photographing Kim & Alan's wedding later this year in Canada.
Below are a few samples from the engagement session.
All images by Joe Hamilton Photography.