Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Barbara & Manny - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Just got back from photographing a wedding down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Must say I had a really great time and got some even greater images. A big thanks to Barbara & Manny (bride & groom) for making this all possible. Another thanks to John, my long time friend and fellow photographer on this trip for all his hard work and planning that went into this. John and I have teamed up to photograph destination weddings under the name h2 Weddings. With both of our styles and backgrounds we bring a very unique style to the world of wedding photography. Looking forward to shooting many more weddings with John.
Out of respect to our client I will only be showing some of the detail shots from this trip.

Me & John scouting out locations.

Flying into Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Not a bad view.

The wedding party stayed at the Palmilla Resort
which was just awesome.
Everyday, throughout the day every employee greets you with this
hand gesture.

The wind was really not helping capture the invitation shot.
Persistence paid off in the end though...

At the Palmilla Resort you don't need to walk far to
capture a great image.

Palmilla Courtyard

Both of these guys were not going to budge an inch.
I gradually got within a few feet of each of them to get the shot.

Wedding party went out jet skiing and John and I covered
the action by land and sea.

John with a water housing to capture images from the water.

Night out on the town.

Breakfast of Champions!

Photographed the rings outside with some pillows that were close by,
thought they added a nice splash of color to them.

Final details.

Gift from the wedding planner (Rob) to the groom.
All the groomsmen were suppose to sign it,
something tells me it was probably consumed.

There were a few drinks poured.

Trying to order from Domino's
and you don't speak Spanish is hard, but, doable.


Warm up jam session for me.

Floral details.

Shot of the rings.

The Chef's at Palmilla were more than
helpful and we actually had a good time
in the kitchen. All the employees were excited to
take a group photo.

A smorgasbord of candy and fruits were on display after
the wedding which disappeared very quickly.

Some images from the venue.
Rob from,, transformed a plain
room into a vibrant colorful atmosphere.
Must say he does wonders on all levels of the wedding.

Watching this place come alive took some serious time.
Hundreds if not thousands of candles had to be all lit, one at a time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joe and Michele's Vintage Engagement Photo Shoot

It was really nice to be on the other side of the camera for this photo shoot on Sunday. Michele and I are getting married in June and we wanted to do a different style engagement photo shoot. With the help from Dina & Don (Michele's Mom & Step-Father) and our wedding photographers Chris & Bri we were able to capture the look we were going for. We would both like to truly thank them for are their help and support through this.
Michele and I put a lot of time and thought into what we wanted to do and how we wanted the final images to look. From the get go we both liked the 40's themed style and it was just a matter of finding the right props and location for the shoot. This is where the fun comes in... The wardrobes were relatively pretty easy to find thanks to Michele's internet skills. Most of the items were purchased on Etsy for very reasonable prices, like my pants which were only $15!
We used numerous props to completely capture the look of that era. Trying to incorporate items from both of our families into the shoot. From a 1940 Ford to a a newspaper with FDR on it, we pretty much covered the gamut of props to incorporate.
Lastly, we needed to find a location to do this. Michele and I had made a few road trips out to the country to try and locate a cool looking spot. All trips ending in just an empty tank of gas and no solid location. We were in search of an old Victorian style house in the country and we were not having much luck. The idea was brought up with Michele's hair stylist Natallie and she had a few recommendations for us and offered to drive us around to all of them. We met up with her a few days before the shoot and we all hopped in her convertible, I honestly can't remember the last time I was "California Dream'n" in a convertible. Sporting the shirt and shorts I came highly prepared.., it was just a little cold I must say.
The first locations we drove to were both great and Natallie knew the owners, but, it was not exactly what we were after. The last location we pulled up to was a gated house and it was it, it was absolutely perfect!!! We were parked in front of the gate with a call box right out side the drivers side window thinking we were going to be buzzed in. So, I asked Natallie, with a bit of excitement in my voice, "do you know the owners of this house..?" Natallie replied with an honest answer of, "no, I do not". She knew it was just a great spot. A silence fell over us for a brief few second as we gazed out at the perfect scene we were after. Then Michele's cute voice chimes in, "Joe will push the buzzer and ask if we can use this house..." I slowly look over at her with a little grin on my face thinking, "this should be very interesting..". 5 minutes before we pulled up to this house Natallie was saying folks in Ramona are either going to greet you with milk & cookies or a shotgun, so, I was hoping for the milk & cookies approach when getting out of the car.
Got out of the car, pushed the buzzer, waited patiently, and a lady with laryngitis picks up on the other end. I introduced myself and explained to her why we are in her driveway. Right away she says, "come on in, let me open the gate for you".
The gates slowly opened up to this long driveway lined with trees leading up to this Victorian style home, it was seriously straight out of a movie. We were pleasantly greeted by Dolores at her door step and she wanted to apologize for her laryngitis. This was definitely the "milk & cookie" type folks we were after! Next we were greeted by Dolores's husband Louis, who right away wanted to show us the pond around back. Michele and I looked at each look other like, "can this place get any better"?
After a full tour of the property Dolores and Louis graciously said Michele and I could use their property for our engagement shoot. All the pieces were finally in place and now all we had to do was the actual photo shoot.
I will leave the rest of the explaining to the photos. Below is just 2 images for now, once we get the final images are complete I will post some.
1st image was taken at Michele's Mom's house before we headed out with our photographer. 2nd image was provided to us by our photographer.

Special thanks again to everyone involved with making this happen.

Michele I love you more and more each day and look forward to many more adventures with you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Todd & Kirstin - La Jolla Cove

Photographed Todd & Kirstin the other day down in La Jolla Cove. We definitely got some great images and the weather could not have been any better. I've known Kirstin for quite some time and it is really nice to see her so happy with Todd. They are both very natural and it comes across in the photos. Kirstin & Todd have their date set to get married later on this year which I am really looking forward to photographing.
All images by Joe Hamilton Photography.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lou & Paulette

Photographed Lou & Paulette the other day, a newly engaged couple and long time friends of mine. They gave me a call and were interested in doing a very quick shoot down on the beach in Oceanside. They are in the process of putting together something special to send out to their family & friends about their news. Below are a few images from the shoot. A video I put together for them is converting as I type this and I will be uploading it when complete.
All images by Joe Hamilton Photography

Time for bed......

Lou & Paulette from Joe Hamilton on Vimeo.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Moose Surfboards

Photographed "Moose" shaping some surfboards in his shop in Oceanside, CA. If you are in need of a custom surfboard or just some ding repairs Moose is your man. As you can see from the first photo, Moose is a really laid back dude that always has an interesting story to tell.
Moose has been in the surfboard and wake boarding industry for a number of years and has a built up a great reputation. For more information on Moose check out his website when you have a chance. Link is below images.
All images by Joe Hamilton Photography