Thursday, January 13, 2011

Margaret, Art, Fiona & John - Family Photos

Met up with Margaret and her family the other day to take some photos in and around her house which was a lot of fun. I've known Margaret since middle school and my wife Michele has known her since preschool. Michele came along on this shoot to catch up with Margaret and also help me out a little with the little ones. Fiona & little John were just way to cute and did a great job in front of the camera. Fiona was just way to cool I must say. She had to show us her room with all her toys, jewelry & books which was very entertaining. Set up only a couple portrait shots and the rest of the images were just candids. We got some really good images finishing the photo shoot off in Mom & Dad's bedroom. Fiona performed her Roly Poly dance for us and it was definitely the cherry on top for the images.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Gabriella - Born 12.17.10

Photographed little Gabriella the other day for her birth announcement pictures. Back in December I took the maternity photos for Gabriella with her Mom, Dad & sister. Here is the "link" for her maternity photo shoot. Spent a few hours with Gabriella getting a lot of good photos of her awake and sleeping. Photographing infants you just have to be patient and hope the little one sleeps for a majority of the shoot. Gabriella was just resting her eyes most of the shoot and would give these cute little grins every so often. By the end of the photo shoot she was definitely spent and was absolutely not going to give me anymore photos, period. We ended up with a really nice batch of images and I think her Mom & Dad will be pleased.
Special thanks Natalie (Mom), Chad (Dad) & Maddie (Sister)!

Marty Bell - Guitar Refinishing

Recently, I came across a challenge from Marty Bell who refinishes guitars and has been in the music industry for many years. Marty was looking to try and get some images of his guitars that visibly show off the flake or sparkle in the paint. After discussing with Marty his trials & tribulations trying to capture the sparkle in the paint, I thought I would give it a try. Below are the two guitars he gave me to photograph which both have a high gloss flake finish. In my honest opinion, my photos do capture the sparkle and highlights to a certain degree. I'm completely happy with my end results, but, I knew better results could be achieved. To accomplish this style of commercial photography equates to very high-priced photography equipment & software, which was not in the budget. Overall, Marty was happy with the images and it brought up a few interesting conversations with my father who is also a photographer. I could write for hours on the information we discussed and read, but, for more information there are a few links below.

BlueBloodRed - Final C.D. Artwork

The band BlueBloodRed based out of San Diego, California is in the final stages of completing their debut album, "Fill the Void". The C.D has been mixed and mastered and they are just finishing up the C.D. artwork and layout. Check out this previous "post" of images from their photo shoot for their album. Adam, the bands singer & guitarist headed up to my house with a car full of gear to slam into one image. Once we had everything unloaded and sorted out I began to arrange the items in a somewhat organized fashion. Didn't really want the eye to be drawn to anything in particular, but, I did want just an accent of each piece showing. After carefully propping up and balancing each really expensive guitar I slowly adjusted and positioned each item to my liking. Snapped off some images and we finally decided on the image below. Gave them a few color options to choose from and the final group consensus was with the full color image.
Really looking forward to the finished product of the music and the C.D. artwork. These guys have put a lot of hard work and money into this project and I really happy to see them complete their goal.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sean & Jane - Del Mar Portraits

Took some portraits of Sean & Jane down in Del Mar the other day and we all had a great time in the process. The weather was just a little on the chilly side, but, they were both true professionals and were able to bare the conditions. Mom (Jesika) wanted some photos taken of them without their sweaters on so we would quickly take a shot and put the sweaters right back on. Little Jane was super cold so I told her to do some jumping jacks and run around a bit to warm up. We headed down to the water to take some photos and of course they both wanted to go knee deep in the frigid ocean water. We grabbed a few more shots and we all called it a day.

New Years with Family in Lake Arrowhead

Haven't posted for a few weeks now due to the holidays and ramping up for 2011. So, I thought I would start off the first post of 2011 with a trip my family and I took up to Lake Arrowhead, California for New Years. It was honestly quite nice to get out of dodge for a few days and enjoy some time with the family. Michele and I were not able to get the whole family up there this year, but, it was cool to have my folks, oldest brother and his wife & kids come along.
This trip brought back a lot of memories of my childhood growing up in Canada and I wished my other brothers could have been there to enjoy it as well.
To me Christmas isn't Christmas without the snow, that's just me though. I suppose it is just a "tad" nicer to be able to drive home to the San Diego weather versus living in the snow..
The little ones definitely had a great time considering this was their first trip to the snow. Overall I think everyone had a great time and it was a nice get away with the family. Truly wished we had a few extra days to stay up there.
Below are a few of the images taken on the trip.