Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Schlemmer Family Reunion - Slide Show

Thought I would share a slide show I put together from last weekends trip to Lake Arrowhead, CA. Took my camera (of course...) along with Michele and I on our road trip up to Lake Arrowhead for the family reunion. The idea was to take enough images to slap together a slide show for everyone in the family to enjoy.
Michele and I had a great time and it was really nice for me to meet the rest of the family.
To many more years of creating family happiness.

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Schlemmer Family Reunion, Lake Arrowhead, CA

Michele and I headed up to Lake Arrowhead this past weekend for her Schlemmer family reunion. We both had a real good time and it was really nice to meet the rest of the family members I had not met yet. Family members flew in from all over the United States to meet up for a few days of laughs, reminiscing & relaxation.
It was nice to get out of town for the weekend and head up to the mountains with Michele. The entire weekend was packed with fun activities for everyone to enjoy. From our boat ride around Lake Arrowhead to taking hikes around the area, I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves. A special thanks to Michele's Uncle Doug & Aunt Tammy for the good times and hospitality.
Below are a handful of images from the trip. For family members that attended I will keep you posted on all the final images and slide show.

Family Tree

Michele & I.

View of San Bernardino, CA

Boat ride around Lake Arrowhead.

Oceanside Beach - Family Photos

Had the pleasure of meeting up with the Yost Family the other day and I had a great time photographing some family photos for them. Most of the family is from Utah and they had a family vacation in Oceanside, CA, right down the street from my place.
Must admit, I love Google! The Yost family was in search of a local photographer in Oceanside and they found me through searching on Google.
Put together a slide show for the Yost family to a majority of their photos and the song, "We are Family", by Sister Sledge. Waiting for some feedback on what the family thought of slide show, I'll keep you posted.
Below are a few images from the family photo shoot.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Wedding Vendor's Review & Recommendations

Just wanted to do a quick review of all the wedding vendors Michele and I decided to use for our wedding. Hopefully this might help some couples down the road on choosing the right vendors for their big day.
Michele and I would like to sincerely thank all of our vendors for all their help and support through our wedding process. From the start of the planning all the way up to the wedding day, everyone was a big help and we really appreciated all the support.
Below is a list of the wedding vendors we used for our wedding and Michele and I highly recommend them all. Below each vendor image is a link to each of their sites to get more of a feel for what they do.

Festivites Catering did an awesome job providing all the food & service for the wedding. Heard lots of feedback at the wedding on what a great job they all did. The mexican food was absolutely top-notch and they did an amazing job. The icing on the cake was the authentic tortilla maker Lupe! Extra special thanks to Katie!

Darin Dietz was our wedding planner and he surely knows how to plan a wedding. If you are in the market for a wedding planner I would highly recommend contacting Darin for more information. It was really nice to have someone to keep Michele and I in check during all the planning.
Thanks again Darin!

Pacific Event Productions provided all the lighting, linens & little extras for the wedding. The day before the wedding they were out at the wedding site setting up all the lighting and making sure everything looked just right. If you are looking to add some creativity to your wedding I would highly suggest speaking with Pacific Event Productions.

Sweet Cheeks Baking Company baked our wedding cake and we loved it. Happy to say we enjoyed it so much that we did not want to waste any on smashing it in each others faces... We politely gave each other a little taste which was nice, plus no clean up job. Thanks again to everyone over at Sweet Cheeks that help create our wedding cake.

Taylor Films provided all the videography for the wedding and Michele and I can't wait to see the final product. From a few of the captions he showed us during the wedding we know it is going to look quite good. Jason at Taylor films has definitely crafted a unique look and it truly shows in his work. Please take a look at his website & blog to get a feel for what he does best.

Chirs & Bri at Vaughngo Photography photographed our engagement & wedding. These two are quite the couple and are extremely good at what they do. The engagement photos were absolutely amazing, so, we can't wait to see all the final wedding images. Thanks again Chris & Bri, you guys are awesome!

Vynce Pham with Music Phreek was our D.J. for the wedding and Michele and I had no doubt he would do a great job. Very professional and laid back personality which was a good mix for our family & friends. Received quite a few compliments on the choices of songs and sounded like everyone had a good time dancing. The D.J. can truly make or break your day and I would highly recommend giving Vynce a call if you are in need of a D.J.
Thanks again Vynce for all your help throughout all the planning.

Bridal Showcase located over in Vista, CA provided Michele with her beautiful wedding dress. Michele can't stress enough how helpful they were in helping her locate the final dress. They listened closley to what she was looking for and they were able to provide just that. Michele would like to thank Marcos & Maria for all their help.

Last, but, not least... Men's Wearhouse... This would be the one place I would not recommend to anyone. Find anywhere else to go but here. They were able to screw up 4 of the 6 tuxedos, which was completely awesome. I'm actually really curious why they take measurements if they don't even come close to using them. Both my Dad & myself had our sleeves 3-4" off our wrists. Maybe it is a new sleeveless look they are going for....
My Dad had to pick his tux up the day of the wedding which was great for logistics. I could ramble on about numerous other problems, but, I will spare you.

Only advice, weddings are stressful enough, just don't go here.

"I guarantee it"

Hamilton Wedding - Photo Booth

Extra special thanks to John Hildebrand for all his help at the wedding this past weekend. He was kind enough to set up his camera and get some fun photos of a majority of the wedding party for Michele and I. Michele ordered some Frida Kahlo eyebrows for everyone to use as a prop for the photos. Some used them as eyebrows and some used them as mustaches. The 2 over sized sombreros were a big hit as well. Must say the photos came out great and I appreciate John for all his help. To view more of the images taken by John please follow this link, http://johnhildebrandpreviews.com/photobooth/

My Bachelor Party

Celebrated my bachelor party with family & friends out on the golf course at Lomas Sante Fe. Considering 75% of the group probably hasn't picked up a golf club in over 2 years, we all did pretty good. We played a best ball tournament to keep the game moving a little faster which was fun. After 18 holes we headed down to Pacific Beach for our nights festivities. All in all sounded like everyone had a good time and no one ended up in the E.R. or slammer, so, that's always a plus for a night.
Special thanks to everyone who made the whole day possible.

Photo of my Dad & I before heading out on the course.

Group photo after Team #2 dominated by 4 strokes.
Team #2 consisted of James, Jeff & Jordan Hamilton & Trent Stewart.
Jeff & Trent also won closest ball to pin on the 9th & 18th hole.

Joe & Michele's Vintage Engagement Session

Wanted to share a slide show I put together from our engagement photo shoot with Vaughngo Photography. Michele and I searched for quite sometime to find the right photographer for our engagement and wedding pictures. With the help from our wedding planner we were able to get in contact with Chris & Bri @ Vaughngo Photography. Chris & Bri have a very cool style about them and it truly shows in their work.
With a little planning and some perseverance Michele and I were able to accomplish our goal of capturing some beautiful vintage photos.
This video has definitely brought a tear to my eye once or twice since I finished it. It truly makes me realize how lucky I am to have Michele in my life.

I love you Michele!

Special thanks to Chris & Bri from Vaughngo Photography. All images on slide show created by Vaughngo Photography.